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IP PBX Offers Converged Communication

By Angela Hayden

A next generation IP-PBX system brings together a truly converged communication. With a fact that, it allows user to share voice, visual and data communication via single IP network i.e. Internet. Virtual PBX is a Private Branch Exchange that switches calls between IP users on local line. VoIP PBX solution offers services that help to reduce the monthly telephony charges and comes with a feature of excellent voice quality. The hosted IP PBX system allows user to extend a certain number of phone lines; this provides user to enjoy flexibility in applications across the globe. Importantly, it allows user to reduce long term operation and maintenance cost.

The IP PBX provider allows user to switch the calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user or it allows switching between two traditional telephone users, just like traditional telephone system. On the same network line, user can send and receive voice, data, messaging, visual and have access to different computer applications simultaneously. The voice over IP PBX is a software based solution that ensures linear scalability and costs, resiliency and reliability, ease of administration and management. Moreover, system endures wide-variety of end points and network elements, supports for legacy equipment on an existing heterogeneous network environment.

This standardised cost effective technology is not only restricted to large organisations as medium and small organisations but is also for residential users are adopting this technology. The IP PBX solution offers outstanding features that ahead it from a traditional PBX system. Well, voice mail, direct inward dialing, call forwarding, Web based configuration and wide speed dialing are few features that describes the advanced system. IP based PBX system provides communication solutions for wide network organisations. To avail benefits of hosted PBX VoIP, users must have Linux operating on their PC. IP telephone PBX delivers a productive set of calling features and integrates local, long distance or international call at significantly lower rates.

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